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Comprehensive Packages to Strengthen Your Case

We have had an increasing demand for packaged services. Attorneys have told us that a package deal would be useful to sell to the client as well as to keep their costs in check. To meet this demand, we have put together a few packages. We will continue to offer services a la carte as well. If there is a specific package that you do not see here that would be of help, contact us and we can put one together to meet your individual needs.


Designed to get you and your case fully prepared for voir dire as well as providing any additional assistance you feel you may need.


  • Time to review case information and discuss pertinent voir dire topics
  • Creation of a set of case-specific voir dire questions 
  • Over the phone practice of phrasing for difficult questions 
  • Attendance at jury selection to assist in picking the jury up until lunch break (for longer jury selections, a discounted hourly rate will apply)
  • Discounted rate on voir dire focus groups to test your presence during voir dire and refine body language, tone, and ability to interact with jurors



The way your client presents at trial will make or break the case. Witness preparation by a consultant is geared toward changing body language and working with emotional issues the client is dealing with. During testimony, these issues can be very damaging to the case.


  • Time to review case information to become familiar with the case and client-specific issues
  • Up to 3 hours of in-person client preparation time
  • A concise list of talking points for the client to take home and review
  • Discounted videography services if desired to record the client and show playback of their body language during testimony



An opening statement is your first and only chance to create the story lens through which jurors will view the rest of the case. If you mess up the opening, there is no chance to redeem yourself as every piece of new information is already being filtered through the lens of the opening statement story. There are effective and ineffective ways to do an opening and the results from them differ drastically. Closing argument is your last chance to arm jurors favorable to you to fight effectively against the jurors who are against you. By honing in these two elements of trial, you will have a much greater chance at winning the case.


  • Unlimited edits to refine your opening statement and fit it within time constraints
  • Unlimited edits to closing argument
  • Last-minute access to me by phone/text/email if tweaks need to be made to the closing as trial comes to an end



The best way to get trial off to an effective start is to have full service help on opening statement and voir dire. These are your first two opportunities to make an impression on the jury and first impressions are vitally important in how jurors view the entire rest of the case.


  • Comprehensive voir dire package as mentioned above, plus;
  • Unlimited edits to refine opening statement and fit it within time constraints



Designed to give you insight into who the prospective jurors are and what their ideologies may be before they even step into the jury box for questioning. We can run social media and internet searches on jurors if you have their names ahead of time and can even run some quick searches if you only receive names the morning of trial. These searches are the only way to determine if a juror may be hiding something from you or to gleam information about a juror that would not be revealed during questioning.


  • Social media and internet searches on every juror listed on the roster (or, if we are conducting the searches real-time as you are in court, we will search those most likely to be called first and can text or email you any pertinent information)


FOCUS GROUPS: Please call for individual packages. Prices range from $6,000-$25,000

Focus groups are by far the best way to get input on your case and learn how to revamp your arguments and overcome jurors’ objections. There are many elements that need to be addressed to achieve an effective focus group. We are happy to put together a package for you to meet your individual needs.


Please contact Jessica Brylo at: 303-653-2233 or

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