Hoffman Brylo Consulting, LLC

(303) 653-2233

If you would like to suggest topics that you want me to discuss on the blog, please post a comment below or email me. is run by Hoffman Brylo Consulting, LLC.  We are a full service consulting firm specialized in running focus groups and mock trials, aiding in jury selection, witness prep, opening statements, closing arguments, and case analysis.  We work to re-shape the story of each case to make it the most comprehensible and persuasive to jurors.  We rely on experience and research results rather than stereotypes.  We believe that our strategies play a significant part in the outcome of a mediation or trial.  We can help save on litigation costs by preparing the case for mediation, using focus group results to obtain a more favorable settlement.  We help determine whether or not to settle, what amount to settle for, and help convince the mediator and opposing counsel of the case’s merits as seen through the eyes of their potential jury. 

If the case goes to trial, we can help create a case story structure that best speaks to jurors’ beliefs and attitudes.  We prepare attorneys for jury selection by teaching them how to ask questions that elicit truthful and thorough responses.   We help with witness preparation by ensuring that the attorney is guiding the witness properly to emphasize case themes and by eliminating nervous behaviors of expert and lay witnesses.  We are skilled in drafting opening statements that earn jurors’ trust and allow them to see the rest of the evidence through a certain lens.  We are trained in drafting closing arguments in a manner that teaches jurors to fight effectively against opposing jurors in the deliberation room.  Regardless of the phase of the case, we are prepared to help make it as strong and persuasive as possible.

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